• One witness of China’s opening-up

    There is a seemingly ordinary vegetable market in Beijing. It is only 1,560 square meters and holds 130 stands distributed along each side of a 170-meter-long narrow passage. Though small, the market gathers countless food materials, red wines and spices all over the world.

  • 3rd Anzhen sports meet held

    The third Anzhen Sports Meet was held at Chaoyang Experimental School (middle school department) of National Institute of Education Sciences in Chaoyang district on May 13, 2018. A total of 510 participants in 43 teams, took part in the game.


  • Young men in Zhongguancun

    Twenty-somethings bustle by clutching coffee and take-out KFC, only the tops of their heads visible as they bury their attention in smartphones.

  • 外媒:中关村那些20多岁的年轻人


  • Translating names of sports events

    At present, sports events are more and more popular with the public. They come one after another. Do you know what are their names in English? Here are some examples for you reference.

  • 体育比赛的英文名称

    Winter Olympic Games, World Cup这些你肯定会说,那么公开赛、大师赛、巡回赛、精英赛……是不是傻傻分不清?《公共服务领域英文译写规范》国家标准中的一篇章节可以让你豁然开朗,英超、西甲等英文译法尽在掌握。

  • Foods for preventing flu

    Do these 6 health foods and supplements really prevent colds and flu? Experts have revealed whether they're useful or nonsense.

  • 喝鸡汤真的能治感冒吗?


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